Community Food & Water and Farm Bill

Economic design for publicly funded climate-ready communities

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The Community Food & Water and Farm Bill addresses the enduring challenges of climate resiliency by empowering communities and farmers with a comprehensive set of economic tools to establish successful, locally -adapted food and water economies designed to depend on healthy ecosystems to sustain life and cool the planet. 

Pragmatic Solution to an Economic Problem

Whether we shop at a farmers’ market, belong to a CSA or a food co-op-even if we grow our own food, everyone pays the cost of the industrial food chain. Communities are tethered to a food economy that is unsustainable. We need an economic solution to this economic problem.

The purpose of the Community Food & Water and Farm Bill is to take our right to a publicly funded regenerative food economy seriously-placing it firmly in the public agenda as a practical necessity.

The idea of establishing every community as an economic engine for sustainable living is neither naïve nor unrealistic. It is the only pragmatic solution to the challenges of food and water security and climate change.

All communities must be organized to participate in and benefit from economies designed to be resilient in the face of climate change.


Together, we can leverage our need to meet climate readiness goals to demand public investments and policies that empower communities and farmers with the economic tools necessary to transform local communities into engines for sustainable living.

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