Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill

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No matter where we live or heritage we claim, we all depend on water. Water is Life.

As the headwaters for three major watersheds, Minnesota is positioned to be a leader in caring for water. As our communities make plans to live sustainably, this leadership has never been more important.

Yet, today Minnesota’s economy-every community within her borders- remains dependent on the industrial food chain. From source to table, this publicly funded economy is unsustainable-depending on practices that contaminate and destroy ecosystems and contribute to greenhouse gases. We need an economic solution to this economic problem.

The good news is that we know what we need to do. Building on the knowledge, skills and foods generated by indigenous communities for thousands of years, we can meet the demands of water & food and climate with regenerative economies designed to connect urban and rural communities to a common purpose-neighbors caring for one another and the home we share. 

Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill

The Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill provides the economic infrastructure (public investment and policies) to launch local economic development that: 

  • Anchors every local economy in regenerative food system (food web)

  • Restores the ecological foundation for sustainable living and capture carbon 

  • Establishes and maintains effective partnerships between rural and urban communities

  • Rewards practices that help communities live sustainably and nurture well-being 

  • Nurtures the current and next generations of regenerative food leaders (source to table)

  • Provides an economic legacy capable of sustaining this and future generations

Our common challenges offer an opportunity to work together as neighbors to care for one another and home we share. The Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill makes the pathway to success visible.    

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