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No matter where we live or the heritage we claim, we all depend on water. Water is Life

The Headwaters Community Food and Water Economic Resiliency Program (HCFWEP)envisions every community in the headwaters operating as economic engines for sustainable living- neighbors connected by a locally-adapted regenerative food web capable of meeting the demands of food, water and climate.


Our common challenges offer Minnesota an opportunity to create an award-worthy economy capable of setting a course for success. 

TheHeadwaters Community Food and Water Economic Resilience Programmakes the pathway visible.


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This Headwaters Community Food and Water Economic Resiliency Program
 is created by the 
Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill written in partnership with the Environmental Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC).

Sponsored by MN Rep Fue Lee (59A) and MN Rep Kaohly Her (64A).