Since we are the custodians of this beautiful, life-giving planet, here are some things to help and guide us on our way.




  • Creating Publicly Funded Locally-Adapted Farming
    Identifies the six areas which must be addressed to ensure that farming is set upon a truly sustainable path.
  • Who Will Feed Us?
    An analysis by the ETC Group of where and how we get our food - comparing the Peasant Food Web with the Industrial Food Chain.
  • Food Design Economy
    A holistic design for effective locally-adapted food economy-sourcing, preserving and delivery.
  • Comprehensive Planning Goals
    Set of goals for developing local government policies that promote climate readiness. (Print version)
  • Neighborhood Food Hub
    A neighborhood food hub is is like a public library for food –a resource available for people of all ages  to participate in an economy designed to sustain life, depend on healthy ecosystems, and capture carbon. 
  • Neighborhood Food Hub Network
    Here's how a neighborhood food hub might fit in to the larger food sourcing/production/distribution network. 
  • Model for Regenerative Farming
    Article describing the regenerative farming system that has been established in Northfield, MN.